Who Are His Friends, Really?

You can tell a lot about someone by their friends, so what’s it mean when you hate your man’s friends? It might mean your worst fears are true. A bad bromance can ruin your relationship and if you break up their club, you’re going to be enemy number one.

But you aren’t alone. One in four women think their man’s friends are worthless losers. Here’s what you can do to find out more about his crew and figure out if they’re worth worrying over or if you should cool your jets.

How Do They Make You Feel?

First and foremost – how do they make you feel? Probably not great if you’re reading this article. But why? Are they rude to you? Do they seem dangerous?

If they are being rude to you it may be jealousy. Yes, men can be just as jealous as women and it comes out as jokes, comments, and cold shoulders meant to diminish you and your relationship.

If they make you feel uncomfortable because they seem dangerous, you’re dealing with something pretty serious. Are they into criminal activities? Do you suspect they are? If so, you have to assume your man is doing it too. Start asking yourself about their group dynamic – who’s the leader, who’s second in command. Men like to organize into strict hierarchies like that and that will help you figure out what the group is really up to when you aren’t around.

How Does He Act Around Them?

How does he treat you around his friends? Is he proud of you? Does he ignore you? Does he let his friends pick on you? You can’t expect him to give up his friends for you but you can certainly expect him to respect you and make sure his friends do the same. How he treats you around his friends will show you who is more important in his life.

Dig Up some Dirt on his Friends

If you’re afraid his friends are up to no good, put their names, numbers or social profiles into a people search engine. This will reveal any criminal records they have, their past addresses and old social media accounts.

If they’ve got a criminal background you’ll see it. This might be a deal breaker for you, but you should know what’s happening with your man’s squad.

Your man’s friends can be the best way to see what he’s really up to. If they’re cheaters, drug-users, and loser he might be too even if he’s presented his best self to you. Check out the other numbers in his phone using the same people search tool. If he’s texting a chick on the side, you’ll see.

A boys’ club can make a relationship difficult, find out everything you can about them before you make your decision to keep him or throw him back to his buddies.