Why Do Massage Therapists Get Divorced So Often?

According to the American Psychological Association, somewhere between 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. While people get divorced for a variety of reasons, career choice is often a factor.

A Washington Post study of divorce rates by occupation found that 38.2% of massage therapists become divorced. It’s a rate significantly higher than the national average.

So who are massage therapists and why do they get divorced so often?

Who are Massage Therapists?

Massage therapists are highly trained professionals, playing an important role in caring for a variety of medical issues from rehabilitation of injuries to clinical depression.

There are may be as many as active 385,000 massage therapists in the United States. A Boston Globe survey found that 80.1% of massage therapists are female.

A Boston University study entitled “Career Women and the Durability of Marriage” found that women who work are no more likely to get divorced than those who stay at home. In a field dominated by women, it seems gender alone does not explain the high divorce rate within the profession.

Why Relationships with Masseuses Get Tense

The more likely explanation lies with masseuses’ partners, who are often unable to separate emotion from professionalism.

The job requires physical interaction with regular (and sometimes long-term) clients. To make things worse, massages happen in dark, private rooms. This can place a real burden on a relationship. “Who did you touch today?” is a question that might be on your spouse’s mind when you walk through the door after a long, exhausting day as a massage therapist.

For masseuses, the job is a form of physical treatment and healing that may be intimate but has no element of sexuality. Unfortunately many of their partners are never able to understand that.

It’s hard to blame a spouse for letting their imagination run wild and assuming the worst given the job dynamic. Luckily, there is a way for them to get some peace of mind.

Are They Cheating?

While there’s no evidence that suggests that massage therapists actually cheat more, there is evidence that women cheat as frequently as men. The National Opinion Research Center also found the number of married women who have reported cheating on their husbands has risen 40% since 1990.

If you’re asking yourself “is she cheating?,” you may have noticed some of the signs of a cheating partner. Whatever the reason for your worry, there is something you can do to gain peace of mind.

How to Find Out

While this won’t always reveal the truth, it’s worthwhile to search their info using a people search engine to see what may come up. For example,  if you’ve seen a strange number on their phone, or generally worry they may be texting a secret flame, you can search unknown phone numbers to get name, location and more.

If that doesn’t turn anything up, you can also search their email address to see any publicly-available social media profiles (including accounts on dating sites) associated with it you may not be aware of.

If you’re married to someone working in a “relationship-challenging” field and are feeling insecure, it can just takes a few seconds to discover the truth. The more you empower yourself the more peace of mind you’ll feel in the long run.