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Home StoriesConnectors A Caring Neighbor

A Caring Neighbor

by Ashley Viloria

How many of you have a relationship with your neighbors? According to Pew Research Center, only about three-in-ten people say they know all or most of their neighbors. Since these are the people who live closest to you, it can be beneficial to get to know them – whether it’s building a friendship, having someone nearby to help you around the house, or having someone to check in on you from time to time.

Through the years, Betty has built friendships with the people in her neighborhood. One person in particular, Steve, was the neighbor that lived right next door to her. He was always the neighbor she could depend on when she needed help fixing something in her home. 

A few weeks ago, she realized that she hadn’t seen him in a while, so she called Mike, the person who lived on the other side of Steve’s house. Through that phone call, she learned that Steve had actually gone to the hospital the night before due to pain he was experiencing. The next day, Betty went to visit him at the hospital and kept him company for a few hours. During that time, Betty asked about his family. She knew that he was divorced, but didn’t know much about his ex-wife or daughter. Steve said that he had lost touch with them, but he did give Betty his daughter’s name. Out of curiosity, Betty ended up looking up Steve’s daughter on Spokeo later that night and found an address for her. She took note of it just in case she’d ever need it in the future.

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The next day, Steve was discharged from the hospital. When he arrived home, Betty lent a helping hand by bringing him food, getting groceries for him, and also bringing in his mail. A few days later, she called to check on him, but he didn’t answer. She grew worried and decided that she would call the police by the end of the day if she didn’t hear back from him. A few hours later, she noticed a few police cars outside of Steve’s house, so she went over to see what was going on. It turns out that another person who checked on Steve from time to time called the police to do a check after not getting an answer from him as well. While talking to the police, Betty found out that Steve had passed away. They asked Betty if she knew of any family he might’ve had. Due to Betty’s research, she was able to provide the name of Steve’s daughter, as well as his daughter’s contact information. The police were thankful for the information Betty provided and used it to get in contact with Steve’s family. 

A few days later, Steve’s ex-wife reached out to Betty to get more details on everything. The state had given possession of Steve’s home to his daughter, so his ex-wife just wanted to make sure everything was in order. Betty was grateful that her Spokeo search helped the police notify next of kin. While Steve was estranged from his family at the time of his death, his ex-wife and daughter were relieved to have peace of mind knowing what had happened to him. 

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