A Familiar Song

There’s always that one song that reminds you of somebody – whether it’s a current or old love, a friend, or a family member. Here’s how a familiar song reconnected two high school sweethearts after two decades.

Tony and Crystal were together during their last two years of high school. Tony had been involved with the wrong crowd, and after graduating, he decided that he needed a clean start. He moved from California to Nebraska and never got a chance to say goodbye to Crystal. After moving, he quickly settled into his new life, got married, and put his past behind him.

Years later while listening to the radio, a familiar song played through the speakers. It was the song “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers, which used to play all the time at an after-school program that he and Crystal always hung out at when they were younger. Hearing the song was super nostalgic and brought back so many memories. He had always felt bad about leaving the way he did and not giving himself or Crystal closure. He decided that he’d try to look her up to apologize and see how she was doing.

Tony turned to Google to find sites that could help locate her. He tried a few before finding Spokeo, but he never got the information he needed. Once he found Spokeo, he searched for Crystal with her maiden name and the city where they both used to live. He wasn’t sure if she was married, but he figured it was a good place to start his search. Performing a search with her maiden name didn’t initially pull up anything, however, it did pull up listings for a few of her family members whose names he recognized. He went through those profiles and was able to find Crystal from there. Crystal had gotten married, so her last name had changed. Tony was super grateful that the listings of her family members included other related family members. Without that additional information, he most likely wouldn’t have figured out Crystal’s new last name to find her.

Tony decided that his first plan of action would be to send her an email and see if she’d respond. Within a day, Crystal wrote back! She was very surprised, and indeed happy, to hear from him. She explained that she had thought about him from time to time and had tried searching for him too, but never had any luck. Of course, Crystal had always been very curious about why he had left so hastily after graduation, so she was very appreciative to finally reconnect with him after two decades and get an answer. From there, they rekindled their friendship and now catch up via email and text frequently. Once the pandemic is over and it’s safe to travel and hang out, Tony has plans to visit California to see his family and hopefully squeeze in a lunch date with Crystal and her husband.

We’re so happy to hear that we were able to help Tony find Crystal to give her answers and rekindle their friendship. We’re looking forward to hearing an update once they finally meet up in person! Is there anybody you’ve been searching for recently? Try looking up their name on Spokeo to start your search!