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Home StoriesConnectors Finding My Family While Finding Me

Finding My Family While Finding Me

by Ashley Viloria

What do you find the most important in life? According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2017, 69% of Americans say that family gives them the most meaning in life. However, people who’ve lost touch with their loved ones, or haven’t had the opportunity to meet them at all, may not share that sentiment. This is why people search engines such as Spokeo are so important – they can help people connect with loved ones that they’re searching for. In the case of Angel, she was able to find information on our website that led her to finding her biological mother.

Angel was adopted as a young child, and went into the foster system after a few years due to unforeseen circumstances until she aged out. She didn’t know much about her biological parents, but her adoptive parents gave her one helpful piece of information: the name of her biological mother, which was Kathy.

After aging out of the foster system at 18, Angel decided that it was time to begin her search for Kathy. She had tried other search engines at the beginning of her search, but any information she found on those websites led to either disconnected numbers or confusing phone calls where the person on the receiving  end of the call had no idea who she was talking about. Angel was feeling discouraged but did not want to give up. She eventually found Spokeo and searched for Kathy. Angel found a phone number and after a few days of debating whether to try the number, she decided to call. When a woman answered the call, Angel introduced herself and asked the woman what her name was. Kathy immediately yelled “It’s me, it’s me!” Both of them were overjoyed and couldn’t believe that they had found one another. Kathy explained to Angel that she had been searching for her too, but had kept hitting dead-ends because Angel’s name had gotten changed after the adoption.

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Angel and Kathy spent hours catching up on the phone, and it was a conversation full of tears, laughter, and happiness. They were thrilled to know that they both lived in the same state! They’ve stayed in contact over the past two years, and have enjoyed getting to know one another. They love sharing pictures with each other, especially ones of them at the same age where they look so much alike. They’ve also gotten to learn the numerous things they have in common with each other. At the beginning, Kathy wasn’t quite ready to meet in person and needed some time to process. They’ve both really enjoyed building this new relationship together and have finally decided to meet next month. Angel will be safely traveling to see Kathy, and she can’t wait to meet her, along with the rest of Kathy’s family!

“Thank you guys so much for your website and your help in my journey to finding my biological family. There’s been a place in my heart that has been so empty for so long that is finally getting filled! Thank you so much!”

Since finding Kathy, Angel was inspired to help others just like her. She created a website to help other foster children find their biological families, as well as help them adjust to life after foster care. She also recommends Spokeo to everyone she mentors. We’re so happy to have been a part of Angel’s journey and can’t wait to hear an update once she meets Kathy!

Are you a foster child looking for their biological family? If you know the name of your birth mother, birth father, or anyone related, try performing a name search on Spokeo to get your journey started!