From Neighbors to Friends

With the majority of people isolating at home during the pandemic, the need for connection is at an all-time high. Many people have started looking for old friends and family members that they’ve lost touch with through the years.

Eileen had been trying to reconnect with an old friend of hers, Paula, for about five years. They met a decade ago while both living at the same senior living complex. They bumped into each other at the lobby mailbox, and their friendship took off from there. Eileen only lived at the complex for two years. Even after moving, she and Paula still kept in touch by phone. However, as time went on, Paula developed a few health issues and had stopped answering Eileen’s calls. Thinking that maybe snail mail would work better, Eileen sent a card, but still didn’t receive a response.

Fast forward five years, Eileen started thinking about Paula again. With the current pandemic, she wanted to reconnect with her dear friend to catch up and also make sure that she was doing well. She found out from a mutual friend that Paula was still living at the same complex. When Eileen tried to reach out, she realized that she had lost Paula’s number.

Eileen turned to Spokeo and found a listing for Paula, however she noticed that the address was different from the senior living complex. She became worried that maybe Paula’s health issues had progressed and that she wasn’t able to live on her own anymore. She dialed the number on the listing, and a woman answered. Eileen initially thought that it was Paula, but it was actually Christine, Paula’s daughter. Eileen asked for Paula’s number, but Christine was hesitant at first until Eileen explained who she was and how she knew Paula. After getting Paula’s number from Christine, she quickly called and finally got ahold of her! She learned that Paula was doing well and still living at the same complex as their mutual friend had mentioned, and that the address and phone number on file were tied to Paula’s daughter because Paula had lived with her at one point.  Paula was very pleased to hear from Eileen and they have been in contact regularly since reconnecting.

“Today with this pandemic, we are glad to hear from almost anyone who cares about us – enough to track us down.” – Eileen

Have you been wanting to reconnect with an old friend or family member? With the pandemic and quarantine slowing the world down, now is the perfect time to start looking!