Is She Cheating? How to Find Out

And if so, why?

She’s acting distant. She’s staying out more, answering your calls less and spending a lot of time texting other people. You fear the worst. Is she cheating on you? Recent research indicates that more and more women are cheating. Here’s why, and what you can do to find out.   

Do Women Cheat as Much as Men?

In our recent look at the topic of male infidelity, we examined some of the research on infidelity to find out if in fact men cheat more than women. And while we found that most studies seem to confirm (at least in part) the widely held assumption that men cheat more than women, some recent research indicates that this may be changing.

A study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University discovered evidence that women are now cheating just as much as men. Along those same lines, the National Opinion Research Center found the number of married women who have reported cheating on their husbands has risen 40% since 1990 (wives still cheat less often than husbands, however).

Why Do Women Cheat?

So why are more women cheating? Alyssa Giacobbe of NYMag partly attributes the shift, which she humorously calls  “another milestone in the march to equality,” to the internet.

With the ubiquity of smartphones, social media and texting, it’s easier than ever to meet new people and conduct affairs in secret using apps like Tinder or Instagram.

Endlessly scrolling thru our friends feeds on social media also can cause us to compare our lives with others and imagine “other lives” for ourselves that may be happier. For many women in unhappy relationships, the temptation to take a chance on somebody else is very real.  

There may also be an economic reason that more women are looking for love on the side, too. More women working full-time means less dependence on male “bread-winners,” and thus less fear of the instability that would come without a monogamous commitment. (You can read about the 7 Types of Women Most Likely to Cheat here.)

These are just theories, of course. No matter the reason why, all signs point to a world in which infidelity is no longer a man’s game.

Is She Cheating? How to Find Out

If you’re asking yourself “Is she cheating?”, you may have noticed some of the signs of a cheating partner, which include:

  • Being distant
  • Spending longer hours at work or “out with friends”
  • Withholding physical intimacy
  • Changing their appearance
  • Spending more time on their phone texting

This is where a people search engine comes in. People search engines aggregate publically-available data from billions of records into comprehensive, easy-to-read profiles.  If you’ve seen a strange number on their phone, or generally worry they may be texting a secret flame, you can search unknown phone numbers to get name, location and more.

If that doesn’t turn anything up, you can also search her email address to see any publicly-available social media profiles (including accounts on dating sites) associated with it. A lot of cheaters create secondary profiles but forget to use secondary email addresses to set them up, which leaves the door open for you to possibly find hidden pics or incriminating accounts.

A New Beginning

No matter the gender, getting cheated on is a traumatic, painful experience. While many couples heal and stay together, others create a new relation together. Either way, this can be a good time to empower yourself with knowledge and get a little peace of mind.