Is She Cheating On You? Signs She’s Cheating

And if so, why?

Your relationship was going fine. But recently you’ve noticed a shift in your girlfriend’s behavior:

She’s started leaving the room to answer calls. She acts distant, taking more time responding to your texts, but when you are with her, she’s always on her phone and is quick to respond to texts from others. She’s spending more out with friends than usual. Despite not having actual evidence, you can’t help but wonder…has she cheated on me?  

According to research, a growing number of women have started to cheat in recent years. Read on to learn why and to learn what you can do to find answers to the question at hand: is she cheating?

Do Wives Cheat More Often Than Husbands?

We recently looked into the topic of male infidelity and observed that some of the studies on the topic proved that women do not cheat as frequently as men. Even though we noted that majority of the studies seemed to agree with the widespread assumption that men cheat more than women, a look into some recent research shows that this may no longer illustrate the full picture.

A study performed at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute found proof that women are now cheating almost as frequently as men. As further proof of this, the National Opinion Research Center observed that the number of married women who have admitted to cheating on their spouses has increased by 40% since 1990. However, wives do not cheat more than their husbands.

Why Do Women Cheat?

So what’s the cause of the rising number of women cheating? According to Alyssa Giacobbe of NYMag, it can be partly attributed to the rise of the internet. With the wide-spread popularity of smart devices, texting, and social media, meeting new people and engaging in secret affairs with another boyfriend is easier than ever. They’re even more accessible with applications like Tinder or Instagram filled with guys looking to mingle.

By scrolling through the feeds of our friends on social media continuously, it may trigger us to want to compare the way we live with others and imagine that we may be happier if were them. For lots of women who are unhappy in their relationships, the urge to talk to someone on the side can  be overwhelming.

Economics could be another reason they’re in search of extra-marital love as well. Many women now work full time and often earn even more than their husbands, which means they are not dependent on them as the bread-winners. For this reason, they are not as worried about the instability that would arise if they are not committed to one person.

However, all of these are just theories. Regardless of the reasons, all signs point to a world where cheating is just as common for women as it is for men.

Is She Cheating? How to Find Out

If you’re starting to have doubts and wonder if you’re involved with a cheat, there are some common warnings signs you may have noticed that are often prominent in a cheating partner. These include:

  • Being detached
  • Hanging out more with friends or at work
  • Changing how they look
  • Refusing physical intimacy
  • Drastic reduction in call or text rate
  • Spending more hours texting on their phon

This is where it’s helpful to utilize a people search engine. They collect publicly available data from numerous records and combine search results into reports that are easy to understand.

If you see a strange number on your partner’s phone, they may be having an affair with a secret lover. You may be able to gather evidence of infidelity by searching those unrecognized phone numbers to find the owner’s name, location and a wide range of other useful information.

You could also run a search on her known email addresses and social media usernames to look up whether or not she has any social media accounts or dating profiles which she hasn’t told you about.

Cheaters often create a few alternate profiles but, luckily for us, they usually aren’t aware of the existence of reverse email lookup tools. These services can locate social and dating accounts on certain platforms that were created using the email address or username in question. This means that they use one single email or username to create all the various accounts that they’re trying to hide, potentially exposing all those accounts with one quick search

She Cheated on Me – What Next?

Regardless of your gender, getting cheated on is a painful and traumatic experience. For some people, it’s something they never fully get over, and the lack of trust carries over into future relationships.

Other couples may deal with it, get through it together and enjoy more happy years in the relationship, but others have to let go and start new relationships to be happy. Regardless of what the future holds for you, getting to the truth is crucial. Arm yourself with knowledge and get some peace of mind while you search for an answer to the question: is she cheating?