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Home StoriesConnectors Reconnecting with the Past

Reconnecting with the Past

by Ashley Viloria

Memories hold such a special place in our hearts. Donna, one of our users, was in search of an old friend. Her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband was coming up, and she wanted to reconnect her husband, Gus, with his best man, Carl. Gus has Alzheimer’s but his memory can be triggered by big moments in his life. Here’s how Donna was able to reconnect the two, along with another surprise reunion.

Donna, Carl, and Gus had all met while working together at a hospital. Donna and Gus were X-Ray Technicians and Carl was a student studying in their department. During the weekends, everyone would hang out together, including the three of them. Gus and Carl connected through a few shared experiences, including having ties to the armed forces – Carl’s father was stationed at the same place that Gus had been stationed at during his service. Their friendship grew to the point where Gus asked Carl to be his best man when Donna and Gus got married.

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Through the years, everyone slowly lost touch. With Donna and Gus’ 50th wedding anniversary coming up, Donna wanted to do something special for her husband and reconnect him with an important memory from his past; more specifically, an important person from his past – Carl. Donna tried to reach Carl through an old number she had from 20 years ago, but she wasn’t able to connect with him. She found Spokeo and decided to take a chance by doing a reverse phone lookup with the number she had. Turns out, that number was linked to a listing for Carl – but it also had a newer phone number for him! She sent a text to the new number and crossed her fingers that it was Carl. He eventually replied to her and confirmed that she had found the right person! Carl was so surprised to hear from Donna, but both of them were so excited to catch up with each other. They had so much to talk about after many years of being out of touch. Donna told Carl about her upcoming anniversary and how she wanted him to be there for Gus. Carl was touched and happily agreed to be a part of their special moment.

“I just have to say Spokeo is an incredible service for getting us back in touch with our friend. My goal was to make sure that I could invite Carl, who stood witness at our wedding fifty years ago, to our wedding anniversary coming up. I wanted to give my husband something to remember and hopefully bring back a piece of his past. I really appreciate being able to help make our anniversary that much better. I can’t thank you guys enough for having that information and helping me out!”

However, this story of reconnection doesn’t end here. A few months later, Cindy, another student who had been in the same class as Carl at the time, found Donna on Facebook and sent her a friend request. Cindy had also been part of the group that hung out every weekend, and she hadn’t spoken to anybody in years. She was very happy to find Donna on social media and once connected, Cindy immediately called Donna through Facebook Messenger. They caught up with each other and everything that had happened in their lives since they last spoke. Donna also mentioned how she had found and reconnected with Carl through a phone lookup search on Spokeo. Cindy was so happy to hear that Donna had found Carl and asked if Donna could pass his information on to her. What had started as a thoughtful gesture for an anniversary gift ended up reuniting a friend group from over 50 years ago!

“It was such a highlight. What I see as important is these old-time connections during a time when many of us elderly people are staying in. It was a warm feeling connected with the past.”

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