Home StoriesConnectors A Reunion 20 Years in the Making
Home StoriesConnectors A Reunion 20 Years in the Making

A Reunion 20 Years in the Making

by Ashley Viloria

We all have that one friend that we can count on through thick and thin. For Reginald, that person was David. They went together like bread and butter.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Reginald and David first met when they were young. They were both gay, and David’s family took in Reginald when Reginald’s family kicked him out. They were connected at the hip and helped each other through the trials and tribulations of teenage life. When they got older, David joined the Navy. Time eventually got the best of them and they slowly lost touch.

Wish You Were Here

Reginald had moved a few cities away, met a wonderful man, and got married. Unfortunately, he eventually found himself dealing with a string of misfortune. His husband passed away and shortly after, everything they had owned was lost in a fire. Needing a shoulder to lean on, Reginald started thinking about his old pal and started wondering how he was doing. He tried everything and anything you could think of to find him – social media, search engines, even dating sites! Not wanting to give up, Reginald joined Spokeo after stumbling on our site.

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Who's Calling Me?

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My Best Unforgotten Friend

Reginald searched for David by name, but wasn’t able to find anything. His next step was searching for the address he lived at with David’s family. While browsing through the previous tenants listed, he saw David’s sister in the list! He clicked on her profile and called the number listed as most recent. She answered the phone and they briefly caught up. She also gave him David’s current phone number. After the struggle of searching for him for almost 20 years, he couldn’t believe that he was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He called the number that she’d given him, and once David picked up and Reginald introduced himself, they both immediately burst into tears. They were shocked and happy to hear each other’s voices on the other end of the line.

“It was a miracle! You guys should change your name to ‘Miracle Finders’!”

They started catching up and realized they led similar lives while separated. David lost his partner, as well, and had dealt with his fair share of adversity too. He’d also been searching for Reginald, but never had any good leads. They discovered they only lived an hour away from each other, so of course, they immediately made plans to meet up the following weekend. The reunion was full of tears and smiles. Since reconnecting, they’ve been talking to each other daily.

Reginald never gave up searching for his best friend, even after two decades, and his persistence paid off. We’re so happy that they were able to reconnect and pick back up right where they had left off!