Home DataData inSight Spokeo Research: Mobile Migration Map Explains City’s Out-of-Towners
Home DataData inSight Spokeo Research: Mobile Migration Map Explains City’s Out-of-Towners

Spokeo Research: Mobile Migration Map Explains City’s Out-of-Towners

by Spokeo

Spokeo is constantly looking for new methods to make data useful for those who want  to learn more about people. This month, we’ve taken mobile phone area codes and used them to map out city landscapes in terms of “out-of-towners.” Specifically, we took the area codes of mobile phone numbers linked to specific addresses and pinpointed which cities/states most of the out-of-towners hail from!

Kalispell, Montana hosts a lot of transplants from Idaho (12.6%) and Wyoming (10.7%), yet also features residents from as far away as Alaska and New Mexico.

Kalispell, MT

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Mililani, Hawaii is a mix of East Coasters from places like Virginia (5.3%), Midwesterners from Nebraska (2.6%), and, not unexpectedly, West Coasters from all three western states – but the state that sends the most new residents to the city is Nevada! Who would have thought?

Mililani, HI

In this project, we also feature lists of the top 20 cities that send in new neighbors. Take a look at Dallas, Texas. Americans from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Atlanta are moving to Dallas in droves.

Dallas, TX

Search your specific city’s Mobile Migration Map at https://www.spokeo.com/research/city-phones.

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Access to the mobile migration maps is completely FREE! You don’t need a Spokeo membership. So what are you waiting for? Take a glance at the mobile migration maps and start comparing some cities today!

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