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Home DataData inSight Top Name Searches of 2016

Top Name Searches of 2016

by Spokeo

Remember the line: “What’s in a name?” famously portrayed in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? At Spokeo, names are everything. We facilitate thousands of name searches (and phone and email and address too!) to help people connect or reunite with loved ones, family members and even potential customers. And since we help more than 18 million visitors per month, you have to wonder, “who are people looking for?”

Top Male Name searches of 2016Google shared that Donald Trump was the most searched person of the year, but who are the most sought-after common Joes and Janes?

After crunching the numbers, we’ve got your answer. We’ve compiled the top 10 first names (male & female) and last name searches for the entire year! John took the #1 spot for most searched male name with 355,662 searches; Mary came in as the most searched female name with 160,347 and Smith surfaced as the most searched surname with a staggering 422,094 searches. Who’s at number 2, and who’s climbing the ranks to make the top ten?

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Check out the full list below to see the remaining popular name searches of 2016.




Top girl name searches of 2016

Top Male Name searches of 2016










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