These 5 Phrases May Be Signs of Infidelity

Cheating partners tend to give themselves away sooner or later, despite their best efforts. Whether it’s because they get caught texting someone else, or forget to set their secret dating profile to private, most cheaters will eventually slip up.

While there are definitely behavioral giveaways, there are some less obvious verbal tells as well. Here are 5 common phrases that may be signs of a cheating partner.

1. “Sorry, I have to work late tonight.”

This is a frequent excuse used by cheaters to cover up what they’re actually doing. Work provides a convenient cover for anyone looking to meet up with someone else after hours. It’s also important to remember that an estimated  60% of affairs start in the workplace. While it’s certainly possible that they’re really working to meet an important deadline at the office, be wary if you start hearing it too frequently.

2. “I just need some space.”

Cheaters often become emotionally or physically distant once their other situation begins heating up. They may ask for space, or complain more frequently about you being “clingy” or “needy.” One space-related red flag to pay close attention to: they begin doing activities along that you used to do together. If this starts happening frequently, it might be time to sit them down for some real talk.

3. “What time will you be home tonight?”

Does your partner suddenly seem super interested in your schedule? Are they constantly asking when you’ll be home, or suggesting you make plans with your friends? This could be because they want to keep tabs on your location so they have a little freedom to conduct their…business in private.

4. “Where’s my phone!?”

Cheaters are often glued to their phones. You may see them smirking at their screen, or typing away late into the night. Needless to say, they will often become very protective of their phone and become weirdly angry if you ask them who they’re texting or try to sneak a look at their screen.

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5. “This isn’t going to work out, anyway.”

People who are having an affair are generally too scared (or cowardly) to end their primary relationship, and will thus “float the idea” of breaking up in hopes that the other does the work for them. You may notice they suddenly seem more cynical about your relationship, or start to mention splitting up even after minor arguments.

Do any of these sound familiar? Here’s some guidance on what to do next.