Home StoriesConnectors What to Do ‘When Return to Sender’ Doesn’t Work
Home StoriesConnectors What to Do ‘When Return to Sender’ Doesn’t Work

What to Do ‘When Return to Sender’ Doesn’t Work

by Ashley Viloria

What would you do if you kept receiving something addressed to someone else, even after trying to return it back to the sender? One of our customers found herself in that situation and was determined to make sure that it was put into the hands of the rightful owner.

You’ve Got Mail

Carol had recently moved into a new home. One day, she went to grab her mail from the mailbox. Instinctually, she opened up everything assuming that it was all addressed to her, but quickly realized that she had accidentally opened up something meant for somebody else. She found herself staring down at a check from an insurance company and saw the name “Steven.” She checked with a few neighbors to see if the name was recognizable and found out that it was meant for the man who had been the previous home owner. He had gotten injured during a job, and the insurance company was sending him money for the injury.

Return To Sender

Carol sent the check back to the insurance company, but it kept getting sent back to her. Carol felt compelled to make sure that Steven got his check. Not knowing how else to get in touch with him, she joined Spokeo and performed a name search to locate a phone number. She called the number listed and was able to get in touch with Steven. He had only moved about 4 miles away, so he told Carol that he’d come and pick up the check. Being the friendly neighbor she is, giving him the check wasn’t enough! Carol also had a freshly baked batch of cookies to give to him when he stopped by. She also explained the process of updating his address at the post office so that his mail would be sent to his new address.

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Steven was grateful for the actions that Carol took in order to get his check to him. All it took was a good samaritan performing a name search on Spokeo!

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