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First and Forever Love

by Ashley Viloria

You never forget your first love. Even as time passes and life goes on, you’ll always remember the first person you truly loved and connected with. Rita, a Spokeo user, shared her journey on finding her first love:

This story begins in the summer of 1966, when a young Rita was hanging out at her apartment complex’s swimming pool. The lifeguard on duty caught her eye. She thought he was cute and adorable. They began talking, and she learned that his name was Frank. With each conversation, Rita noticed herself liking him more and more. They started dating and fell in love. Three years into their relationship, Frank and his family moved away to another state, and Rita and Frank tried their best to stay in contact despite the distance. After Frank graduated, he joined the Air Force. They slowly lost touch and both moved on.

Eventually, Rita met and married Gary, her late-husband. They were happily married for almost forty years, until he passed away in 2018. Heartbroken, Rita turned to grief counseling, which helped her sort through the trauma of losing Gary. After a few sessions, Rita noticed that her grief had moved on to a different place. While driving through her old familiar neighborhoods, she realized that thoughts of her first love, Frank, kept running through her head. In the words of Rita: “I am 68 years old, but through my entire life, I have only loved three men – Paul McCartney, Frank, and my late husband, Gary.” Ten months after her husband’s passing, Rita found herself in her old neighborhood calling out Frank’s name and asking “Where are you?”. It was at this point when she knew that she had to find him.

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Rita asked one of her friends how to locate somebody that you lost touch with, and her friend recommended Spokeo. A few weeks later, while working late one night, Rita signed up for a membership. She didn’t remember Frank’s middle name or birthday, but she knew his age and where he had lived. She used the advanced search features to narrow down the listings, compiling a list of numbers within half an hour. The first few numbers were disconnected, but the fourth one worked like a charm. As soon as she was connected to a voicemail, she recognized Frank’s voice. She left a brief message, and a minute after she hung up, the number she had just called showed up on the screen on her cell phone. When answering, she said, “Frank! It’s Rita!”, to which he replied, “Rita? Love of my life, Rita?”. They caught up over the phone for hours. After the call ended, Rita was overwhelmed with happiness and felt like she was floating. From that day on, they spoke everyday for hours. Almost a month and a half later, Frank flew to see Rita. They got engaged a week later, and the rest is history.

“We’ve been together ever since, have started to have amazing adventures together, and have more planned once it is safe to travel again. I am counting the days to my retirement, and I am so grateful to have him here with me while I work from home, staying safe together during the pandemic. We refer to one another as our ‘first and forever love.’ Spokeo – you played a really important part in making this happen. I cannot thank you enough.”

Rita, we’re so happy that we were able to help you reconnect with your first and forever love! We can’t wait to hear updates on all your future adventures.